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I want Israel to be a secure, democratic country that can be a national homeland for the Jewish people. Unfortunately, the occupation of the West Bank threatens that.  The majority of American Jews support the state of Israel, and have a deep personal connection to it, but wish that its government would change its policies towards Palestinians.  As Jews, we have a strong sense of social justice and a belief in the general humanitarian welfare of all people. We are compelled to be peacemakers through Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.  This requires us to always be advocates for peace, even when it’s hard.  

Israel and Palestine both deserve peace, stability, and security, and I firmly believe that the only way to make that happen is through a two-state solution in which Palestinians have a state of their own including the occupied West Bank.  The UN does not recognize the West Bank as part of Israel because it was seized as the spoils of war in violation of international law. Right-wing parties in Israel have been pushing towards annexation of the entire territory, and I oppose that wholeheartedly. However, the status quo is unsustainable as well.  Palestinian villages are being destroyed. Moreover, Palestinians cannot vote in Israeli elections or participate in Israeli government services, while Israeli settlers readily enjoy those freedoms. Economic opportunity has hollowed out, and life under the military occupation is demoralizing and dehumanizing.  

It’s important to note that right-wing Israeli policies weren’t born in a vacuum. They were the results of a Palestinian leadership that has supported terrorism, rejected peace negotiations, and refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist.  When Israel returned Gaza to Palestinians, they elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, as their government. Hamas in coordination with the Palestinian government in the West Bank funnels money to the families of terrorists through a program known as the Palestinian Authority Martyr Fund.  There will never be peace when the Palestinian government subsidizes terrorism nor will there be justice when Israelis illegally occupy the West Bank. It’s time America leverages its power to provide a pathway for peace and justice for all Israelis and Palestinians.


Jen supports:

  • Promoting an Israeli state that reflects our values of democracy, justice, and inclusion.

  • Encouraging and supporting the state of Israel to adopt and transition to a two-state solution.

  • Leveraging our aid to force the Israeli government to comply with international law, and be accountable for human rights violations