Copyright Jen Perelman 2020

“The only title in our democracy superior to that of President

is the title of citizen.”

-- Louis Brandeis


“What I want is to get done what the people desire to have done,

and the question for me is how to find that out exactly.”

-- Abraham Lincoln



Dear Fellow District 23 Constituents:

In a Representative Democracy, an elected representative is chosen by members of their community to act, vote, speak, and fight on their behalf. I am a firm believer that our representatives WORK FOR US. It is our representative’s JOB to find out what WE want and fight to get it done. Our representative’s votes in Congress should directly correlate to the desires of the MAJORITY of our district. This is how the “majority rule” concept is works: 


  1. Our Congressperson goes to Washington D.C.

  2. Our Congressperson comes back to the District to educate and inform us about important issues and pending legislation.

  3. Our Congressperson spends time in the District, meets with as many people as possible, holds public forums, conducts surveys, and does everything possible to understand the desires of the people.

  4. Our Congressperson returns to Washington D.C. and votes in accordance with the wishes of the MAJORITY of our District.


The same is true for the origination of legislation. It is also our representative’s job to suggest, write and sponsor legislation that serves the best interest of our District and the country.

A representative cannot properly serve the District in this manner while taking money from corporations, special interests, or their law firms. It is a conflict of interest, plain and simple. We all know the unlikelihood of being able to satisfy the needs of corporate sponsors and constituents simultaneously. This is why it is so important to know that our representatives are only on OUR payroll and nobody else’s.

The way we can do that is to elect people to Congress that ONLY work for YOU. I feel fortunate and privileged to be part of a Campaign wherein I can offer that to all of you. Our Campaign is purely people-funded. We do not accept corporate or corporate PAC money. We do not accept money from corporate interests hidden under the guise of law firms. We do not have “strings” of any kind. When our Campaign is over, the only “favors” I will owe will be to you, as constituents.

I strongly concur with Lincoln, inasmuch as my job as a representative is to find out what my constituents desire and find a way to make it happen. My votes on policy and legislation will reflect the opinion of the majority of our District and NOT my own personal views or agenda. However, I believe that part of the job is to educate and inform the District about important issues and prospective solutions. With that in mind, these are my policy ideas.


But remember: I only work for YOU; I only answer to YOU.

In reason, passion, and justice,