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Political COURAGE

Political courage. It’s in short supply these days. The Republicans are running roughshod over the Constitution and Democrats, alike, and it feels like there’s no one to stop them. It’s even worse here in South Florida’s FL-23, where, for more than 15 years, our Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has received campaign contributions from donors such as the fossil fuel industry, big pharma, big agriculture, big alcohol, payday lenders, and for-profit prisons to ensure she conveniently looks the other way on issues that are vital to our Democratic values. It is a conflict of interest, plain and simple. 


We all know the unlikelihood of being able to satisfy the needs of corporate sponsors and constituents simultaneously. This is why it is so important to know that our representatives are only on OUR payroll and nobody else’s. The way to do that is to elect people to Congress that ONLY work for YOU.

Jen Perelman will be a Representative who stands up to these corrupt donors and lobbyists - and that starts with a commitment to never accepting any of their money. Our Campaign is purely people-funded. We do not accept corporate PAC money. We do not accept money from special interests hidden as donations from law firms. Jen will stand up to the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies and seek to dismantle the payday lending and private prison industries who profit from creating a cycle of poverty and laws that are biased against people of color.

We’re overdue for real change.

But it requires courage and conviction.



Attorney Jennifer Pilchick Perelman is a second-generation native Floridian, born and raised in North Miami Beach. She lives in Davie with her husband, Dr. Jason Perelman and their two teenage boys. From her earliest days of practicing law, Jen has fought for those who can’t fight for themselves. She has helped the poor and indigent receive proper counsel and helped young women receive a judicial bypass for an onerous process for their reproductive rights. Today, she Co-Chairs the Juvenile Justice Committee for the Broward League of Women Voters, works diligently in the community to restore the voting rights of disenfranchised citizens, and serves pro bono, as Of Counsel, to Probation Station to help people on probation as they transition out of the system.




Unlike her Primary opponent, Jen supports the following initiatives:



Overturning Citizens United 



Medicare For All 



Tuition-free higher education - College or Trade School



Green New Deal 



Abolish for-profit prisons and decriminalize marijuana 



Regulate the predatory Payday Lending industry



Strict Congressional term limits

Jen Perelman For Congress

 PO Box 291332

Davie, FL 33329